LED Light bulb replacement

Has anyone tried the LED light bulbs that replace standard bulbs. I was thinking of trying them in my turn, and brake/tail lights.

I run a LED bulb for the tail light/ brake light of my WR. No problems on AC. It probably is not quite as bright as the regular incandescent bulb as you are not taking full advantage of the reflector in housing with the LED. Saves a bunch of power for other things!


Yes, doing it now. Have also wired in the stop lamp circuit. Works great on the AC circuit. Of course, adding the LED makes it a DC system, you are using the LED now as a half wave rectifier. Like others mentioned, not as bright, and lot as much illumination out the sides. But it does work.

I had to modify the reciprocal to accommodate one.

4 slits cut with a hack saw and spread the tabs out ward.

Have been running a LED replacement (tailight only) for over a year. Got tired of he regular incandescent buld filaments breaking. I had to "slightly" modify the tabs on the LED bulb with a file, but it has been working flawlessly. Would have probably gone through 2-3 regulars by now.

Where did you find the LED replacement? I've looked in all my local shops, but no go.


I bought my replacement at Kragens Auto. Was for a Chevy if I remeber correctly and about $4. Same one is still working fine with several "rough" vibrations since installation..

Not sure why but my LED tail lamp is quite a bit brighter than a standard 1157

I also have the brake light switch wired up to work.

No modifications were nessesary just pluged it in.

Did anything happen to the front headlight (AC) when you put in the diode-rectified LED taillights? Did the front headlight brightness change at all?

Did anything happen to the front headlight (AC) when you put in the diode-rectified LED taillights? Did the front headlight brightness change at all?
I didnt notice any more light up front. The 2 systems are wired parellel, so the rear becomes DC with the LED bulb, the headlamp will remain AC. But I suppose it will free up a bit of current for charging. But I think the lighting coil which runs the lights isnt even the same system that charges the battery. In fact, I'm almost willing to bet on it. But in reality, it should free up some current for the headlamp by going LED for the tail lamp. The orignal poster mentioned he was interested in using the LED's for turn signals. Wont work unless you get a solid state flasher or LED bulbs and hook up a resistor to increase the load to match the 1156 turn bulbs. Also, the tail lamp LED bulb is just a 1157 LED replacement, most basic bulb out there.

hey just a littled note

if you dont have a batter in your wr

it doesnt take much to ad one and convert your ac to dc!

oh and by the way guys kragens is also schucks if you are on west coast and in washington area

i bought an ac to dc rectifier at radio shack thanks to guys on Thumper talk

and converted over i bought a 15 dollar no maintenance battery at napa

its size was 2" by 2-1/2" by 5 "

and it fit down one side of my air box

without blocking the air filter

i bundled battery up in section of a rear tube i had flattened!

and i was able to add my blinkers and my horn and have had no problems

as far as adding the led tail light sounds like a great idea

but for me its one step at a time

*(yes my wr400f is plated and street legal in washington state ((in middle of replacing my rear rim but other then that its the burrito wrap! good to go!)

after reading toyota techs last post

on the new wr's with electric start

i beleive there is an ac and a dc that comes from your stator

dc offcourse charges your battery for your starter

best way to tell for sure is

if your lights are running from ac current

the head light will brighten when you are in high rpm's

and dim when in low rpm's

if it is a constont light it is running off of the

battery and thus it is running dc!

I noticed no difference in light output from the front. Wish I had a battery and electric start, but that does not apply on my 2000.

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