Fork and shock trouble

I'm getting a clunking noise from the forks on my 03 yz450, I haven't done any fork or shock maintenance on this bike so I'm guessing some type of bushing? And the back shock is not doing anything these feels really springy and a bit of a hand full to ride in the sand. Does anyone have a link to rebuild the kayaba forks and shock? Any do it your self tips would be great, I'm in the middle east and these bikes are like voooodo to local mechanics. Thanks in advance.

so did the clunking sound just start? i know that the floating front brake rotor makes kind of a clunking sound when you hold front brake lever and compress forks. i know my 04 forks have a zero preload on springs so you can kind of hear the springs twanging inside the tubes. as far as the rear shock goes take it in and get it rebuilt (front forks also) i know when i sent mine in the rear shock oil was pretty nasty.its a world of difference when they rebuild your suspension.


The clunking noise just started in the past few months, I think the back shock is kinda nasty as well. Getting it rebuilt here is a little easier said than done, I'll give it a go and worst case scenario I send it off to get if fixed.

i just noticed your location. i dont know of any shops in the persian gulf to rebuild your suspension, but i imagine any bike sales shop would have service and they would be able to service suspension. other things that could cause clunk are steering head bearings(they dont last long because oil tank heats bearings and cooks grease out) front wheel bearings and axle. i have had problems with both. you could always pull forks out of bike and manually compress them and see if they are clunking.also rear swingarm linkage bearings will clunk when they are shot or out of grease. i have found with my 426 and 450 that all the bearings require constant greasing. i have tapped a zerk into my steering head to keep my steering head bearings greased because my bearings failed in one year.


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