YZ Tank on WR

Folks, just a quick question... I just put a YZ tank on my 99 WR 400. Anyone know what kind of fuel mileage I can expect riding New England trails? Do you think I can get 40 miles out of it?



Yes you should be able to get 40 plus miles out of a tank.

I ride very tight trails with the YZ tank and have no problem getting 75 KM,

about 46 miles, before I start to worry.

you should get about 50 miles.

Thanks much Bamster and Nimiz1. I really appreciate the response! :thumbsup:


what year and size yz was the tank originally on/from

I have a 01 YZ tank on my 00 WR. Great mod. I can get about 50 miles of hilly trail riding before any concern.

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