HELP with chain and sprockets

I just got my 03 yzf 450 and I was tightening my chain and I noticed that my wheel blocks are off. One is on the 3rd grove and the other is on the 5th grove. I measure the set screws, both are 1.5’’ but the groves don’t match. The sprockets and chain seem to have normal wear. Let me know if anyone has ran across this problem. What is more important? Screws being the same or blocks matching up?

one of the wheel blocks has a flange so the axle does not turn when tightening. the flange is equal to 2 lines?. i always count my marks from the backside or opposite side of the flange. dont know if this is the problem or not,but maybe it will help.

and what is more important is the wheel being straight in swingarm, whether the lines match up or not.


Those gradations on the adjuster blocks are there simply so you can make adjustments in equal increments. They are not supposed to match side to side. I prefer to measure from the head of the adjuster bolt to the face of the flange in the swingarm. This measurement should be equal on both sides regardless of the number of "clicks" on the adjuster blocks. This will assure the axle is square in the swingarm.

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