To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Hi i am considering getting myself an xr650r jus wondering wat sort of things i should look for when viewing a second hand 650r , also would it be worth buying one new or are second hand xr's reliable ? All input will be appreciated. :thumbsup: , Also how do these bikes ride on the black top as i will be riding it on freeways and traaveeling long distances.?

Not to state the obvious, but if there ever was a reliable used bike, it is the XR bar none. I have owned 4 xr's all previously owned and never had any problems with them. (knock on wood). Just make sure that it isn't beat up, and it you will be happy. Even then, my buddy runs his 650r pretty hard, at it hasn't had hardly any problems, especially with the engine. I started with a z50r, xr60r, cr250r, xr350l, then my current 600.

As for long distances on the road, you might want to consider something else though, more something like a 650L. The xr650 seat will kill you.

Second hand one's are very reliable. Look for how much wear is on the side covers, and the frame next to the covers, due to they could put new clutch cover on to make it look like the bike hasn't been rode much. But as long as the motor has good compression and how much you are spending and how good you are at working on thing's depend's on buying a used. If there is wear where I told you to look you can bet you will need new bearings in the swingarm and wheels. I bought mine used and it had wear and the boots for the forks where ripped. Paid 2200 I figured I would probably need to spring it for my weight so I wasn't worried about the rip's. I had the forks redone for my size and the rear shock. And then did like most of the people on this sight does and started putting all the things I wanted on. A new one won't have all the goodies that all the people on this sight put on. Now if you find one used with a lot of the goodies :bonk: For a good price becaus someone is down on there luck :thumbsup: GO FOR IT Awesome bikes :thumbsup:

I am willing to spend up to about £3000 not sure wat that is in dollars , also do they still make the 650r or is it no longer produced?, also can the engine cope with long distances , wat speeds can it cope with?

They race the Baja 1000 over here. And they win every time due to being dependable at high speeds for a very long time. You should be able to buy almost new for that much money. I keep hereing this is the last year they will be made. I ride the highway also. Don't let the seat issue scare you off. Have someone work on the seat for you. I run in the riverbottoms here in Arizona so far no other kinds of bikes can keep up with it's speed and endurance. They also single track very well. Not as good as the lighter bikes, :thumbsup: but out in the open they can't touch me.

They are known to run 100+ depending on gearing. :thumbsup:

After about 40 freeway miles at 80 mph I'm ready to get off. I certainly could keep going--it just gets more and more uncomfortable. Vibes start to get my hands and feet a little but it's the wind blast that really beats me up. I'm running slightly taller gearing (one up in the front, one up in the back). Taller gearing and/or slower speeds would likely increase my freeway range considerably. I could prolly go 60mph for a long way...

I can agree with the wind. Even on my Harley at 80 with out a wind shield the wind can tire you out. Use less aggresive tires to help with the vibration. I went with IRC GP-1 tires. It helped a lot. They do good on the road and do good in the Arizona desert. If you raced you would want a different tire. But dual sport I am liking them. Especially less vibes in the hands and rear. :thumbsup:

Be doing some searching and have found a few i like for sale that look good , also i would consider going supermoto what problems can arise from doing this , i have seen a few supermoto's for sale would i benefit from buying one already kitted or shud i get a standard bike and do the conversion myself? :thumbsup:

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