125 to 450 front wheel question

will a front wheel off from a 1998 yz125 fit a 2003 yz450 normally without any wheel spacing or modifications?

actually im not worried about the rim or anything else, i just want to know basically if the hubs are the same.

The hubs have different part numbers.

A wheel off a 1999 YZ 125 would fit no problem. 1998, notta. Yamaha changed the hubs in 1999. I beleive the axle diameters are different.


96-01 will be the same up front. in 02 they went to a wider hub for more stability. So using the older wheel on the 02-05 bike will require the correct spacers (from the year of the wheel).

Out back, 98 is the last year of the old style wheel. 99-present all interchange.

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