Virginia City Grand Prix

Anybody thinking about entering? I've included the link to the website and a few links to a bunch of pics from last year's race. I've never done it, but I'm gonna try to sign up as a sweeper just to get a feel for it. You gotta love a race that goes by brothels where the girls flash you as you ride by :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk: ...SC

Virginia City Grand Prix

2005 Pics 1

2005 Pics 2

The VCGP is SWEET!!! Thats great your helping out, they always need help, and this year they thrown in a Pro class so it will be HUGE! Anybody who doesn't want to race it should go help out with the race, there looking for bodies with all the entries this year.

Its always massive carnage :bonk: I personally saw 30 guys come in with flat tires and tons of broken bikes :thumbsup:

I ran it in 05. It's a super technical rock course, although it changes year to year, but you can count on steep, steep downhills, steep and technical hillclimbs, rock gardens, sandwashes, muddy creeks, :thumbsup: pretty much everything.

I already entered, see ya there.

I got the job, so I'll see you there :thumbsup: ...SC

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