Dual Sport rear blinkers

I read in an earlier post about someone mentioning rear turn signals that mount flush with the fender and don't stick out. I think he said Chaparrel has these.

Does anyone have a link to Chaparrel? I did a search and cannot find any motorcycle links with that name.

Oooh, Craperral, yuck


lockhart also carries flush mounts.

Thanks dhowell, That is what I was looking for.

Your local bike shop will probably have them. I just bought a set of the 'carbon fiber' version for ~$19 from the local shop.


The Lockhart's come in two styles: 1 is blinker only and 1 has blinker and tail lamps as well.


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I'm sure there are many more ways, but here's some options to consider.

1.)The flush mounted signals used for street bikes that you can just fit onto a WR fender--around $20-30 a pair. They are made for street use, so they're not going to survive many impacts without shattering them.

A friend tried these once on another bike--after one ride one bulb was shot, after the next ride (actually I think it was two rides-one crash) the lens broke after a little get-off. Don't be surprised if you keep breaking them, or if the electrics/bulbs go bad early. They come in white, black, black/chrome, carbon fiber (look), white or yellow lens, etc...

2.) junkyard XR-L, KLR, or TT-L signals. DR-S's don't flex enough. Use large washers to secure to fenter. Sure, they stick out, and could brake, but are more flexible/tough than they appear. New--$100/pr 2, used 98-99 from boneyard $30/pr. Shouldn't have probs w/ electrical shorts or low bulb life.

3.) UFO makes a complete assembly that is designed to fit on a motocross (YZ) fender. $70 I think,maybe a little higher. Black plastic holding built in flush turn signals, rear brake/tail light with license plate mount.

Dunno about quality/value--never seen one, just in the Chapparrel or Dennis Kirk catalog (2001). looks pretty cool, and they have matching front handguards with integral turn signals-of course they are like $90!!!

Good luck in your hunt, let us know how it goes! Again, I'm sure there are other options. Perhaps there is a tough flush-mount available that may suite you. I wonder if you could make your own lexan lens? cool.gif

I and several friends have been using the Lockhart street bike ones for quite a while and haven't had any problems with the lights. There have been som probs with wires yanking loose but I think that was due to hurried mounting and putting them into a lousy spot.

One thing though. In very few cases are they totally legal. Here in Calif, there is a prescribed distance between the two lights. We were able to get that on an older WR400 but on my KTM they are not far enough apart. That said, I have never been stopped. But I don't puh my luck and ride as little as possible on the street.

You should be able to get the lights through any shop.


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