wr400f whats it worth

good shape 2000 wr400f, 800 miles whats it worth, kinda thinking off selling but not sure, depends what i get for it and if the rattling under the truck stops...and i looked in the classifieds so at least i didnt post real quick because im lazy-ed :thumbsup::thumbsup:

800miles on a 2000 WR400 ?? (really?)

as for what it's worth and just to give you some idea of what it's value would be in Australia ...

if it's in great condition, full road registered (i think you say plated) etc, you'd probably get around $3,350 USD (give or take)


try that link and search for 'MAKE' Yamaha - MODEL WR400 it may work ... and it's also interesting to see what these bikes are worth over the world !

lets see some pics, 800 miles , its not even broke in. Condition will determine the value. Other things buyers might be interested in is; why are you selling? Are you the original owner? How old are you? Where and how was the bike riddin? Anything wrong with her? How do you know it has 800 miles on it?

In calif. with a plate it would be around $2750 to $3500 but thats with a plate. Dont know your area good enough but thats what i think fair would be for it here in California.

I have seen alot of them go for 3000 up here in the Pacific Northwest!

I just bought a 2000 wr400 a couple of months ago decent shape with the biggest problem slight damage to the left radiator from a crash and it was not plated I payed $1900

well the odometer tells me 800 (actually 789 but for discusion puropses) its super shape i take real good care of it up here (ct) and need a newer car, so its goin (17 years old) it has all the lil stuff like the muffler insert, seat cover, bars, grips, skid plate, hand guards and sum other lil things ill get pics if u need em-thanks ed

I got my 99 for 2500 about a year ago and she runs like a raped ape. I feel I could get that out of her tomorrow but won't cause she stayin right where she is about 15 feet from here. :thumbsup:

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