After reviewing this website I chose the Dunlop 756 as my tire of choice...however... my dealer in Switzerland say a 110/100 18 inch Dunlop 756 doesnt exist. He says they dont even make a 756 18 inch in any dimensions. 18 inch is stock on the WR right ? Loads of people use this tire right? Am I an idjit or is my dealer an idjit or is this an Europe/USA nomenclature difference ?

He is recommending the Pirelli MT-83

as an all-round woods/mud/trail tire at about 120$ fitted !

I have a Bridgestone at the moment which is melting before my eyes. I dont know which one but it sure is wearing fast.

Any comments ?


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No you're not crazy. Indeed the 756's come in 18" rears. Your dealer is incorrect. maybe they aren't imported into Switzerland???

Personally, I was unhappy with them. At first, they were great compared to the stock 739's in mud. However after two rides both the front and rear showed signs of wear, and sure enough on the third ride it was slide city again. I just don't think the 756 is as good as a tire as some do. If you can find Michelin S12 or M12's, consider this combo too.



I think the 756's are a great tire, but do wear a little quicker than others. Once they start to wear, you need to turn them around. I founf the 755 to last a little longer and still get good hook up. Donlop makes the 756 in 18". Very popular.

i highly recommend the d756 for the front... but not the rear... the only tire i will run anymore on the rear of any of my bikes is the michelin s-12...

yes, it is classified as a softterrain tire, but asside from working well in the mud, it is excellent in the hard pack surface of my local track once the lines are worn in...

the s-12 front i would not recommend if you plan on doing any track riding... it has a major tendancy to wlk in the turns...

d-756 in the front

s-12 in the rear

best tire combo for any riding condition


but don't confuse those... if you run an s-12 front and 756 rear, you'll do nothing but pick the bike up after the front end walks out on you in the turns... the s-12 front is not a good track tire.

Need to check out that 756 in front myself! Wondering how it performs compared to the S12 front? Anybody? Anybody?

I ran S12's on my Husaberg and they wear like IRON and will get you over ANY terrain you're interested in with authority.

The 739's on my new WR suck. Hell I've only ridden it twice in dirt and the leading edges are well worn off. I think I'll take it Chadwick, MO and grind it to pieces then get an S12!

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