Bike runs better with choke on?

In general, does a bike with a cold engine that runs better with the choke on rather than off, and then with the choke on or off worsens as it heats up mean the jetting is too lean?

The choke is there to make cold starting easier. It is normal for the bike to run better with the choke on if the engine is cold, but you should not be riding it with the choke on. If you have to use the choke while riding then you have jetting problems. What you are describing though is normal. Hope this helps.


Sounds like gummed up jets or a worn out engine.

I'm hoping it's not that bad. This is a new carb for the bike (but used a bit on a different bike). The bike is a Husqvarna. I posted here just to get some ideas on jetting in general because of all the help I got that solved my WR issues.

Anyway, the other bike the carb came from was a different year and model, so the jets could be way off, fuel screw, idle, etc. I'm hoping to figure it out without it being a worn out engine.

and then with the choke on or off worsens as it heats up mean the jetting is too lean?


Is this a new problem or has it always ran this way?

Try cleaning your carb first , some bikes like lots of choke if the pilot is plugged.

I got the bike recently, so don't know how it ran in the past. But, I put on a used carb, that is new to the bike. So, I don't have a baseline to go by either.

I just noticed that to get it started, it took the choke. If I leave the choke on as the bike warms up, it starts to run worse as I would expect. If I then turned the choke off when the engine was warmed up, it seemed to run even worse.

With the bike cold again, if I start it with the choke on, then turn the choke off before the bike warms up, the bike again starts to run worse as the bike warms up and seems to run somewhat better with the choke on.

So, I was thinking that perhaps the bike is jetted lean in general if it runs better with the choke on in different scenarios.

Sounds lean to me. If what your describing is happening at idle back out the fuel screw (richen) and see if it gets better.

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