Got my first WR!!

Got my first WR this weekend! It's a 02 WR426 with a GYTR exhaust and header.

The bike seems in very good condition except for a crack on the left hand side of the fual tank (it leaks when full).

The seller told me it starts easily with 4-5 kicks, but he didn't follow The Drill.

When I followed The Drill, 1-2 kicks when cold (cold here in Pretoria, South Africa means 10 deg Celcius or 50 deg F), 1-2 kick when the engine is hot!

I will have to look at the cracked fuel tank, as it affects range, and there are some tuning issues I'd like to address. When going about 60 mph in 5th, I cannot cruise because the bike feels like a 2stroke just off the powerband ie it does'nt give smooth power, but hesitates between accellerating and decelerating. It almost feels like when you start running out of fuel (No that was'nt the case).

As I got the bike from the first owner at 25% less than market related price, I am very happy, and will fix the fueling myself using the resources posted here.

BTW this is my 2nd offroad mc, first was a 1992 KX125 which I had from 97 to 99.

Your tuning issue sounds like the ole TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Do a search in the forum and you'll finds a bunch posted about it.

Some say it is the TPS, some say it is jetting, etc.

For those who are in the TPS camp, you can sacrifice some performance and unplug it from the carb to hopefully eliminate the issue that you desribe. Those who ride on the road a lot like to do that, and then they can plug it back in for offroad where you don't ride a constant throttle as much.

I was able to eliminate much of that issue via the JD jetting kit, so I have my TPS still plugged in.

If it's TPS related normally the bike will feel like it's cutting out under constant throttle not while accelerating and decelerating. Quick test, unplug it and see if it gets better.

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