06 radiators- heads up!

For all you proud 06 owners out there, be sure and invest in some type of good, strong radiator braces. I have a set of Works Connection cages on order (WC hasn't released them yet) which would have saved me a bit of trouble today. I had a low speed layover in the mud (I HATE that stock front tire!) that cracked my right side shroud and slightly bent my rad :thumbsup: It's not too bad, I'm hoping to straighten it out and be riding again soon, but some good solid braces would have saved me the trouble. I wish I had spent the extra $20 on the Unabikers instead of waiting for the WC's! Just a friendly word of advice, those rads are flimsy and need good support!

Ahh, damn it Cowboy that sux. I hope you get it fixed ok. I was nervous as hell riding without rad guards too. Those rads are so small. Hope you get your gaurds soon. Take it easy on that brand new bike buddy, Laters, BnB.

I'm still waiting on the dealer to get my guards but I have only gone on two rides. I haven't come close to bending my radiators yet though.


I think it depends on how you fall...

I had a high speed high-side that sent me to ER, but the bike was fine with the exception of some scratches, but I will be getting the WC braces when they are available.

I don't think it's the fall that killed my rad, after it fell the back tire caught and the bike did a 360 on the ground... I think that's when it got messed up. It looks like the top is slightly kicked out (no biggie, should be an easy fix) but the part that has me concerned is the elbow on the bottom of the rad got pushed in on the bottom... I'm afraid that trying to straighten that part out is going to create a crack somewhere. I plan on washing the bike up today and tearing it down, I'll get some pics while I'm at it.

Holy crap, you got a brand new '06, rode her in the mud, crashed her, and didn't even bother washing her?! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Holy crap, you got a brand new '06, rode her in the mud, crashed her, and didn't even bother washing her?! :thumbsup::bonk:

Tough to wash the bike in the dark. I got home at 7:00 last night from a ride and it was pitch black. Luckily I got most of it off with a hose at the track.

Unless you take it to a powerwash place thats lit...hmmm :thumbsup:

No excuses, Men! Keep those bikes clean! :thumbsup:

3 laps on my new 450 and crashed and destroyed the right radiator. The next day washing the bike I realized the left one was leaking. Funny thing is I hit on the right side. It appears my left knee bent the left one. $600 plus bucks later get braces! IMG_7786web.jpg

I know I would wanna get the best braces I can get so I'm gonna get the Una bikers and not fool around. I've heard they are the best and the thickest and strongest (and look really cool)

Holy crap, you got a brand new '06, rode her in the mud, crashed her, and didn't even bother washing her?! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

She's all washed up nice and clean now, but I still need to hit it with some polish and steel wool to get it spic and span. I managed to straighten the rad out by hand, got the tabs on the outer side almost straight (as straight as I think I'll get them) but I still have the problem with the bent elbow on the bottom of the rad... the rad looks fine, but the shroud doesn't fit quite like it should still. I guess I'll have to call it quits on riding for the rest of the week :bonk: and ship the rad off to Myler's once I get home.


Dont you have a decent rad shop around you. I had thrashed my WR rads before I got my Unabikers on it, and the guy at the local radiator shop could fix them right up. Cost me like 25-40 bucks, depending how bad they were and I got them back the same day. No shipping hassels. Might want to give it a try.

I'm not sure BnB, I'll have to look around and see what is available down here.

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