4th gear bad!!

Hello guy's my sons wait, my 18 year old son(problem in it's own but we can talk about that later)told me this morning that something felt wrong with his 04 yz450 something about 4th gear slipping.Knowing of my sons wait,my 18 year old sons mech ability I didn't worry too much about it thinking chain slipping or something else as we keep all our bikes as nice as can be. So I go out to look at it and what do you know THIS TIME HE GOT IT RIGHT!Feels like the dogs are going!So now my ? is who to let do the work?I can yank the motor,and send it out but do not have the time tools or know how to do this one.SOOOO who do I ship it to? :thumbsup:

You know I can't help you with that, but I got really scared it was your own bike... Hope you get it fixed.

I'm graping at my heart now!SHHHHHHHH don't even think that!!!! :thumbsup:

Right :thumbsup:

You don't need to remove the engine from frame to do the trans, try to find a local mech to whom you can take the whole bike. Good luck.

Really,dont the cases have to be split?

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