will bike be slower with Rekluse

OK Ok the rekluse clutch sounds grate and the fact that i won't stall my stroker is even better than the fact that I wont get arm-pump. My question however is will the bike ecelerate slower and will the bike have a dragging effect. (as you will notice I haven't tested this equipment I live out in the sticks) I do oofroading and we do lots of technical and rough terrain in a race with fast sections every now and then 14okm/h plus. Will the bike be that much slower top end and at exceleration and the feeewheel effect how bad is that on hectic rocky descents


Thanks guys for the great answers that I will receive seeing that this is TT :thumbsup:

Your bike will accelerate faster with a Rekluse, it feeds the power thru the clutch for you. You shouldn't loose any top speed with it either. And you can still keep most of your engine breaking. I hope this answers your question. You can also do a search on Rekluse and come up with pages of good info. :thumbsup:

Also, go to http://www.rekluse.com and go into the FAQ section.

The FAQ alone made me want to buy one. I now am.

All I can say is WoW rode mine with the Rekluse on Sun. If you want a Rekluse don't wait any longer. The Clutch makes me so much faster go into a corner full tilt lock the back end up then give her the onion and it's as fast as the reg clutch. Then I took it up a steep rocky bank stoped in the middle and took off. Great product.

Excellent product and the best customer service of any company period. You wont notice any loss of power or speed. You will notice better engaement all of the time and no stalling ever. Engine braking will still be there until your auto disengages at what 1200-1000 rpm? Even that is slightly variable by ball count, spring tensions and strengths and ball weights. You will truly be impressed with the product!

The Rekluse absolutely will not make your bike slower. In fact for the average rider, they end up riding faster with the Rekluse because it feathers the clutch perfectly out of corners resulting in less wheelspin and better acceleration. It's a great product, especially for the type of riding you are describing.

I hope it doesnt make me slower, I will have to spit to see if I am moving. :confused: I just ordered mine today, clutch, perch adjuster, clutch cable, and black clutch cover. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

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