Gasoline octane

In my area finding anything over 93 octane at the pump is tough. The 06 WR450F manual says to use 95 unleaded.

Just looking to insure against detonation and damage.

My question is: Does anyone know of any issues if I were to use off the shelf octane booster like 104 + with 92 pump gas?

I heard that it may leave deposites in the combustion chamber and cause detonation but I don't know how real a concern this actually is.

Any thoughts?

I can't get anything over 92 without going up too 100 or 110 here in Oregon.

The boosters dont actually do much and are a waste if you ask me. 7 points added to 93 octane will leave you with 93.7 octane!! My bike seems to be ok with 92 octane, I may try to mix 1 gallon of 110 with 5 of 92 and see if it makes a difference.

You wont have any problems with 92 octane fuel from the pump.

I noticed that too but I think it said it was 95 research octane which is not the same as the pump octane rating if I remember right.

You wont have any problems with 92 octane fuel from the pump.

No problems here

The octane rating specified in the manual is the Research Octane Number, or RON. The manner in which the octane rating in the US is expressed is the Pump Octane Number, or PON, which is determined with the formula RON+MON/2. MON is short for Motor Octane Number which is always lower than the RON. Generally speaking, if you have a rating of 92 at the pump, you can be fairly certain that the gas has a RON of 95 or better. Here's a great article that explains it much better than I can, complete with graphs and charts :thumbsup::thumbsup: ...SC

I wish racing gas came that way. I think 110 or Cam II 112 is like 102 at the motor. If your motor calls for 110 at the motor you have to buy 118 octane unles its changed.

I think it somewhat depends on the mods performed on the bike - doesn't it? Mine is 100% stock and runs just fine on 93 pump gas. I would imagine the same bike with higher compression such as 13:1 would run better with higher octane.

here in Arizona at my local Terrible Herbest gas station you can buy 100 octane right from the pump. I thought maybe I should give it a try in my 04 WR450. Would that high of a octane hurt anything?

Octane above that required (95 recommended) to keep your engine from detonating will not hurt anything. Its just that your paying extra for nothing.

If you want to try race fuel that'll give you more bang. Something that is oxygenated. Usually 2 - 3 % / wt. in the 100 octane range. It'll be 8 - 10 dollars per gal. if you can find it.

The added O2 is released during combustion and acts like you got that much more O2 thru the carb.

I used to use VP in old 2-stroke racing days.

Great info here guys, I was sent here after asking a similar question. I too use C13 Race Fuel in my 2Stroke Snowmobile 440 Racer, without it, I just Blow Pistons. I hope my 91 pump gas will work out fine for me as that is all i can get locally, and getting the race fuel shipped in is very, very xpensive.

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