Dumont Ate My Paddle Tire

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd share some interesting pics with you. They aren't as cool as robg's tic tic boom pics.

I got a little throttle happy in the sections between the dunes at Dumont on president's day weekend. There were some rocks mixed in to the sand.





I've never torn a whole paddle off before. It was well worth the price of the tire.

How old was the paddle?

In my trips to Dumont I notice the ground in te camping area to rather hard. I bet you torn that thing up in the 300 yards or so between the sand and camping.

it wasn't too old. less than a year.

my friend behind me saw the paddle fly off when we were riding in a flat between a couple of big dunes.

WOW.....Good thing Glamis doesn't have too many rocks or I would have been through countless King paddles by now :thumbsup: One thing is for sure, had you been running a Sand Snake that tire would have looked even worse!!!

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