broke a bunch of teeth off rear

I got my used radiator and started the bike ('01 YZ426) up and could not help but ride it on the street just for a little bit. When I was finished I saw that there were a dozen or so freshly broken teeth on the rear sprocket. The sprocket does look a little worn but was wondering if this was due to something else.

Usually it's due to a worn out sprocket/chain and also if your chain was not adjusted properly.

Sprockets shed teeth when there wore out. Just replace it along with the chain and front sprocket.

one word......HORSEPOWER!!!! lol but i doubt it can do that with just crackn' the throttle open

As said above, worn sprockets will loose teeth, aluminum more easily than steel. Sounds like it's time for new chain and sprockets.

Replace the whole set and forget about it for the rest of the season.

go steel they last WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY longer

go steel they last WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY longer

Steel last about three times as long on my bike.

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