Hot start cable

Does anybody know an aftermarket producer for a hot start cable relocator to the bars?

Motion pro says theirs won't work for my 2001 wr.



Ton14911 I have the Ty Davis unit on my bike, live in brentwood, if you want to see it send me an e-mail and you can come over.

Doug Dubach has come out with a cable operated remote hotstart. If I had known about this before I bought the Ty Davis one, I would have bought it instead. Get in contact with Doug and he will give you the run down. or 714.665.8842. Just an added note, the Dubach's are absolutely the best people I have found to do business with.

Hello Tom It was nice talking to you as cruised down the road, send an e-mail and lets go ride after it rains. Do you do any racing.

Hey Unkle, I kinda started answering your post in another and I got confused. Not a hard thing to do.

Anyway the answer is yes and sort of yes. I used to compete a lot in district 3 and 36. Now its just the summer olympics for me but I am considering some scramble events in the future.


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