bike cuts off when decelerate

Just got plates on my bike today and took it out for a spin. When ever i let off the throttle (when i am in 5th gear) the bike sounds like it is flooded and cuts off. It will not start by letting off the clutch or kicking it over while i am coasting. However as soon as i come to a stop i can kick it and it will start up. I road it around my farm for about 45 min and never had any problems, it is only when i am in 5th gear slowing down. Does anybody have any ideas??



it is a 1985 XL600R 5K miles

Are you using the stock carb?

Any other mods?

Yes it is stock carb, i put new jets and float nedle valves in it

a friend of mine suggested that i run a hoter plug, does that make sense?

Pull the spark plug put and check to see if it is black and sooty - if so the float level may be set too high and thus flooding out.

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