help me please. Exhaust on xr650r

Does anyone know how good Big Gun durability is. I have heard bad things but maybe thats a rumor. First question is, How is this old big gun slip-on? For durability and power. Can i get a high flow header for this?

What about the new big gun evo x series? for power and durability. I am looking at the full system.

Only one question. On big guns sight it says just the slip on says jetting is required. On their full system is says no jetting is required. Is it a typo or what??

My next option is to get a brand new Pro Circuit T4 system. Only $536 off ebay. Noise is not a problem also.

While I have no experience with Big Gun I've read they aren't very durable. That may have changed with newer models but not the ones pictured. As far as weight savings and a tad more topend you can't beat the stock setup. I ceramic coated a nice stock exhaust I bought off a fellow TT'er and ceramic coated it. Looks pissah and works just as good if not better than header wrap.

I cant speak for durability, but I bought an evo x last year. I had it on the bike for three weeks, pulled it off and sold it on ebay (for half price :thumbsup: ). It was way loud, but the biggest problem was the low end loss. The bike wasent as snappy, and not as much fun to ride. The fit was also poor, and was rubbing in places that would eventually make a hole. I have a White Bros E-series and am verry happy with it.

P.S. 71 chevelle, suprcharged 350 :thumbsup:

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