YZ426f jardine VS FMF

I recenetly made the purchase of a 01 426 the bike has oodles of power but I want more and I'm looking into a jardine exhaust for and 03 450 that one of my friends have. I was wondering how many mods I would have to make to it to fit my bike and if jardine is even comparable to the FMF or GYTR. Also what combinations of head mid and mufflers that you may have found to be the best. Also if the are any tuning secrets or mods that I could do to enhance the power. :thumbsup: Also any recomendations for jetting the carb would be helpful. Thank you and I appreciate all your replies.

Your going to need something more than some jardine exhast to even touch my bike. Just ordered a full PRO CIRCUIT T4 system, and dynojet stage 2 kit. Also i ordered a turbo from the local speed shop. I am pushing 6 pds of boost and shold give 105hp when all these mods are set and done.

I also heard the stock sytem on the yz426f is overall the best. Is this true?

So does anyone have experience with the pro circuit T4 on a yz426f or yz450f. where is the power at? Is the jardine rt-four a durable system? Whats better for overall power increase?

Note: just answer my question please and not worry about my mods. My freind is in dier need of a exhaust sytem.

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