What filter cage for a 426?

Hey I picked up a used 426 and the guy that had it put in a K&N air filter in it. I cannot stand the thing. I have tons of filters from my old 01 yz250. What filter cage do I need to get. I want to order it from the TT store but they don't have a listing for the OEMTT 02 426. So will a 03 450 filter cage work whether it be for a 450 or a 250 two smoke w/o screen in it. What are my options? Thanks bros. :thumbsup:

The YZ 250 2-smoke cage will work fine, but you may want to run a fire resistant filter in case of a backfire, or at the very least be sure you aren't washing or oiling your filter with flammable stuff.

The filter cages are the same at least '01-'05, so the '03 450 OEM cage will fit yours. Personally, I have never seen proof that there's an advantage to removing the screens, although I have seen evidence that there is none, so I run them on both mine.

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