My buddy has a problem??!!?

He just bought an '06 WR450 and can't figure out why his throttle only opens half-way!

He says he can't find a stop-screw or anything?

Will he have to buy a YZ throttle assembly?

Thanx in advance. :thumbsup:

On the right side of the carb there is a black cover that says "keihin" with two cables leading into it. Take that cover off and it exposes the throttle stop screw. You can either replace it with the YZ throttle stop or you can cut it to length. has all the answers regarding the "free mods".

Have a question, chances are its been discussed in great detail so USE THE FREAKIN SEARCH FEATURE :thumbsup:

Make your buddy read the 'sticky' at the top of this forum and do the mods ASAP. Then he is really gonna like his WR.

the screw is on the CARB not the throttle assembly on the handlebar.

Thanx a lot. I'll let him know today:)

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