coolant coming out of compression release lever

While we're talking about Bad Stuff That Happens When You Wash Your Bike, the Hot Start springs to mind.

Somehow or other, water seems to get into the plunger bore, particularly is you have a cable hot start conversion on the earlier models. If it sits in there for a week or so, it can corrode the carb body and jam the plunger in place. There's two things you can do to prevent it.

> Remove the plunger, clear the water out with an alcohol bearing carb cleaner like Berryman's B12, and wipe a little WP grease on it. (this isn't too hard on an older bike, but it's a PITA on an '03 and up)

> After you wash, start the bike, and while the choke is still on, open the hot start, tweak the throttle a couple of times, and let the engine vacuum out the passageway. It works. Ours has never stuck since we started this.

speaking of the hot start.. the owner of the bike before me removed it and plugged up the holes. Will this affect how the bike runs? I've read differing opinions on the hot start. Does it really help in starting the bike? Should I get a new one and install it?

Your oil is black in color..?? Never let your oil get black ..Change it and your filter..That oil should be clean and changed every 10 to 15 hours..

Hey everybody, I finally got all of my carb parts and actually got my bike running today. Nothing flowed out of the decomp valve. Grey was right it was water pushed in there with the pressure washer, won't be doing that again. The problem I have now is that the bike barely idles even with the idle screw turned all the way in. could it be the jets? :thumbsup: thanks again

Idle screw turned all the way in, or the fuel screw turned all the way in? The idle screw is the black knob on the side of the carb, the fuel screw is the one on the bottom of the carb.

The black one on the side of the carb. It is brand new because the old one had a busted cable. I put a extended fuel screw on the bottom of the carb turned out 1 3/8 which is spec for my 98 yz400

Does it run ok other than the idle? What do you mean by barely idles? It chugs alot, or it just idles real slow? There are several things that could be going on here. Have you pulled the plastic cover back off of the carb and watched the screw? Is it pushing on the throttle linkage so that it can increase the throttle? Are your throttle cables adjusted properly? Did you have the slide out of the carb? I know they can be installed backwards and cause problems.

Yes, jetting can cause problems with idle, but more information will be needed to diagnose this one. You might also post your current jetting settings. Hope this helps.


Hey brooks, thanks for helping me with the carb stuff. I'm VERY happy to say that when I took her out for a spin after work today she ran AWESOME :thumbsup: . The idle was spot on and she fired 1st or 2nd kick every time. I love this bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there isn't even the BOG that everyone talks about. The only thing I noticed was that the right fork is leaking. Is it hard to change the seals?

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