Seal Savers ripping on my 450

I just got back from the first two GNCC races of the season on my new '06 450. After the first race, I noticed that the inside of the seal saver on the left fork leg ad been ripped open. I initially thought that I may have been dragging a branch around with me for a while. I pulled up the seal saver and tried to salvage it by cutting off the ripped portion and re-ziptying it. After the next race, the same seal saver was damaged again. I have had a set of them on an RM250 for almost two years with no problems and I hate riding without them. It appears that it is ocurring from the fork leg cover hitting it, but I don't know of a reason or a fix. Help?

Put a peice of Tygon tubing over the zip tie that holds the Seal saver in place. You can get it at any lawn mower repair shop. It will keep the fork gaurds from rubbing a hole in them.

mine did the same shit , you gotto stop the rubbing man

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