Valve clearance

I've been told that valve clearance opens up on a new engine then begins to tighten as the valves seat further in and valve stems stretch. Does this sound like the norm?

Any thing is possible,but from what I have seen they seem to get tight on me.Right from break in IF I have had to do a shim job it was because of tight valves.

I havent really seen valve clearances open, but I would think that is what happens.

So what I'm looking for is trend towards the valve clearance to tighten up?

4strokes: I love em and I hate em!

Yes, your valves will tighten if all is right in the universe. If they loosen, the balance of nature is inverted within the microcosm of your top end and you should pay close attention to what might be causing this, cam issues, crap in the valve seats, etc...SC

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