Fuel Mileage??

Okay at the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have a question about fuel mileage. I am new to the four stroke thing so go easy on me. I just bought an '06 YZ450 and race cross country. It was my understanding that thumpers typically get better mileage than smokers but this past weekend I had an issue with running out of gas. The course that we were running on was pretty wide open and very fast (4th and 5th straights) and very sandy. I realize that this will diminish mileage but I estimate I only ran about 25 miles on a stock tank (1.85 gallons) before running out. Does this sound right? I had several people tell me I had a problem somewhere but, the bike ran to good to have any mechanical issues, besides its brand new. Any thoughts????? :thumbsup:

gjones, I had that problem at first too. IMO, the new tank on the 450 makes it hard to tell how much gas you have in there, plus based on my post on the same topic it seems that during break-in they tend to burn a little more fuel. If it makes you feel better, I rode 1.0 hour on about 1/2 tank or so my first ride out and ran out. On ride 2, I rode 1.1 hours and used about the same amount of fuel as my cousin did on his 04 CRF 450. Don't sweat it too bad, it will probably get better with time.

It just seems like a lot of fuel for such a short distance. I will need to get a good estimate on distance as I have another event in two weeks and don't want the same result. It really sucks sitting on the side of the track helpless when your pit is about 5 miles up the trail.

I know what you mean. My '03 ran out one time after 35 miles. Good thing I was only a couple hundred yards away from the car. You may have been running a little rich as well. I got my first 4 stroke back in november and I thought it ran great until I saw how black my plug was. The thing is, the bike ran great didnt backfire and was making monster power. Then I got a jet kit and now I know how much power it is really supposed to have. Check your plug and make sure it isnt running rich.

If you don't think they get better mileage than a comparable two-stroke, try a CR500 for a while. :thumbsup:

The YZ450 will get better mileage even than a 250 two-stroke in most directly similar circumstances, but the tank is also pretty small, and some have offered the opinion that it doesn't really hold the 1.85 gallons it's rated at. Most of the 250's are more like 2.2-2.5. Either way, I've gotten as much as 38 miles out of my '03, but that was taking it fairly easy, and I was nearly out at the end of it. OTOH, I rode the Elsinore GP, complete with two high gear topped out paved straightaways, for 45 minutes and had plenty. You might need a bigger tank for the stuff you're doing.

Maybe this isn't as bad as I thought. This particular track was 10 miles/lap and probably 8.5 miles were 4th gear or higher and in pretty dense sand. I am definitely going to get an oversize but no one has them available yet. I guess I'll just confirm jetting and live with having to watch the fuel close until I can get an oversize.

hi i ran out of gas trail riding my 04 yz450f with stock tank (1.8 gal) i have a trail tech computer so i know exactly how much fuel per tank i get trail riding. we went trail riding at capitol forest in washington state with my friend who has a 98 cr250 with a 2.0 gal tank, i went 53 miles on one tank before i ran out, keep in mind at the 33 mile mark we knew we were screwed as the trail marker told us we had 22 miles back to camp at that point we started trying to conserve as much gas as we could, at any point where we were going downhill we turned off motors and coasted and rode as mild as we could, steady throttle, no wheeling etc... beleive it or not my friends two stroke actually made it back to truck, he has a bigger tank by 2 tenths of a gallon so i figure the bikes get roughly the same mileage. after that episode i give myself roughly 40 miles per tank riding hard and fast on the trail. which is roughly 20 miles per gallon give or take.

i have ordered a acerbis number plate auxillary tank which replaces the front number plate and holds nearly a gallon of extra fuel.

the reason i went for this type of tank vs a larger fuel tank is for one thing price, this auxillary tank is only about 60 bucks, i dont always need the extra fuel,(only for certain areas,most places i ride the trail loops are roughly 20 miles or so) i dont like the way the larger fuel tanks look, and this type of tank i can exchange in minutes for a regular front number plate in minutes.

my only concern is carrying that much extra weight on the front end (8 lbs?) but i figure what i can do is as i use the fuel in the main tank i can run the number plate fuel into the main tank after an hour or so of riding, so i will only have to deal with the weight for a short amount of time.

havent tried it yet but when i do i will let everyone know how it works out.

if anyone uses this type of tank any feedback would be appreciated.


this is a link to a picture of the auxillary tank

thanks have a nice day :thumbsup:

This is a true story, 06 yzf 450, expert senior rider riding in Dove springs two weeks ago after the rain went just over 46 miles on stock tank per my bud who has a crf450x.

The YZF gets the same as the CRF, the following weekend rode in Marino Valley in very tight conditions and ran 2.5 hours before running out of gas, per my other bud with an hour meter.

I have gone 53 miles on my 04 crf, at dove springs, not always on the main but going pretty good.

the IMS 3.1 tank has been out for a while for the 06 I got one mounted on my bike for a while now. Hey if you need the gas get a bigger tank!!! I wish someone made a 2.4-2.5 gallon tank. Mileage is all based on your riding style.

I regularly get 40-45 miles on my 06. that is technical single track and open fire roads type riding. I agree, check your jetting you maybe running rich. I always set up my jetting so the bike pops just a little bit every now then on decel and no more.

Hey Thrasher, can you post pics of your tank on the bike?????

My wife gets back from a trip to Maui tonight with the camera. i will take some pics and post them.


Thanks, look forward to seeing what this tank actually looks like. Do you have any opinion whether it would interfere with unibiker's, or other aftermarket, rad guards or not? :thumbsup:

Wife got delayed in Maui untill tonight! tough huh?? I have devol rad guards ordered. The tank deffinatly pushes the shrouds about an inch. I will post some pics tomorrow mid day.

Well for a pretty easy day I did one long trail ride 2 pretty short ones and up and down the main road and the creek bed and 20 laps on the track and I went through 1.9 gallons according to the gas pump of my 2.1 tank. So im thinking about bringing a gas can from now on

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