how many quarts of oil?

How many quarts(US) of oil does the DRZ400S take?

2 - If you change oil filter and drain the oil hose on the bottom of the frame oil tank (as though you are cleaning the strainer), then it should take almost exactly 2 qts.

You should have about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of oil left in the second quart after filling. After that start it up, let it run for 3 min. and check it.

DO NOT PUT 2 WHOLE QUARTS IN for a regular oil change, you will overfill it. Overfilling oil can be bad for the bike just as underfilling can. There should be a sticker on your frame near the oil cap/dipstick/fill that says how many ml of oil to add, and it definitely IS less than 2 quarts. I recently overfilled my bike with oil, and (though I can't prove it) suspect it may have had something to do with leaking oil from my countershaft seal. I both replaced the seal, and put the oil to the proper level. No more leaks.

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If you clean the oil filter (stainless steel here) and get excess oil out of the oil filter compartment AND clean the strainer like I do every oil change (requiring you to drop the oil hose on the bottom of the frame oil tank - and losing the oil in that hose) - THEN the DR-Z will take almost exactly 2 quarts.

And - just for the record, 2 quarts is equal to 1892 mL. The shop manual calls for 1800 mL on an oil and filter change -

Safe bet if you don't mess with the strainer is to put in 1700 mL or 1.75 qts., check the dip stick, and top it up - of course.

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Originally posted by mnelson78:

How many quarts(US) of oil does the DRZ400S take?


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