1999 wr 400 plated- worth $2800 ?

Found this bike on the classifieds in so. cal. The guy's asking price is firm, is the bike worth the money? I want a plated bike, but what are your opinions on something this old? Any comments are appreciated :thumbsup:

If the bikes not flogged and has a plate I wouldn't worry about the age too much. The older WR's are stone reliable IMO.

I'm selling my 2000 WR400F here in classied for a little less $$ but it doesn't have a plate so I think that's a fair price if the bike is nice.

I also have an 04 WR450 and my 2000 is every bit as reliable as the 04 but every bike (and owner) is different so I'd go check out the bike before you judge it strictly by the age. Good luck.

I agree with steelhead. All the WR's 98 up are solid and reliable bikes. Go take a look at it, hear it run and then decide. $2800 doesn't sound bad to me being it's plated.

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