servicing items yz400

First off I'll get the virtual drinks in :thumbsup: I have been hiding in the back ground for a while now and I must say everyone seems very helpful :thumbsup:

What parts should I use to service my bike, I have just bought it and want to service it asap :bonk:

I have heard I should get CR8EIX spark plug is this right ??

So I need air filter, oil filter and oil :confused:

I just did a major on my 99 400. Put in a new hot cams exhaust cam for the auto decompression, re-shimmed the valves, straitened the front rim, replaced front and rear tires, o-ring chain and new front and rear sprockets, zip ty fuel screw, frp chain guide, started her up and after some tuning on the fuel screw it runs so much better. The one tool I needed was a inch pound torque wrench, I borrowed mine just to much to spend for now. Put on the new muzzy exhaust which fits very well and with the quiet core insert seems to be quiet. Installed the larger natural clarke tank. Replaced fuel line, Changed the oil, frame screen also it looked like it had not been changed for awhile, filled her up with shell rotella t loaded up and headed for clear creek for the wild piglet (I guess you know how that ended up) I turned around when I reached coalinga and the snow was falling. This is my first Yamaha dirt bike and I have found that the bike is very easy to work on and the manual seems to be good also. The cam change out was quite easy just take your time and order a shim kit off ebay, makes things much easier. Other than that keep the oil changed, filter clean and it will run forever. Best trail bike I have owned. :thumbsup:

Sounds like you had fun :thumbsup:

What items did you use to service her??

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