1X team DQ'd by Score at SF 250 Race

While I agree with you, Bruce doesnt make the course although american honda may believe he does.

I didn't say Bruce made the course. what I said was that there was a line near the course (I personally don't know how far away from the course it was) but Mikey asked Bruce if that line was a good one while they were pre-running. Bruce said yes so Mikey took it and so did many, many other people thinking it was a good line, but as it turned out, it wasn't.

Holy delayed reply Batman.

Yeah, no kidding. This same thread has been brought back from the dead twice and by the same person, the last time being 18 months ago and the first a year prior to that. :lol:

its a shame that people cheat to win...i would guive anything to have a chance to race the baja..just dont have the $$ to do it.. i really wouldnt care what i raced it on or how old or new the machine is just something that would hold up just untill i could finish... used to have alot of respect for alot of the riders for team honda.. and yea i am sure those guys are under alot of pressure to win.. the only thing you should be worried about is giving it your 110% effort. when i go home at the end of the day, there is no better feeling win or lose knowing that you gave it your all.. its like cheating in the olympics and getting found out they take your medal and even more than that you let your country down. i would rather see someone take a bronze medal that have a gold medal taken away because they lied and cheated to win. it saddens me the one race i have wanted to do since i have been riding is so corrupted now. i dont know if i even want to even bother with it anymore. i dont want to be amongest liars and cheaters..but for the people who have cheated and won thats something they will have to live with. i could not live my life as a lie and not only that your lying to yourself as well

and if you cannot be honest with yourself who can you be honest with? Ill tell you this i would never want to be in a hole getting shot at and have a cheating liar be in the same hole with me.only good they would be to me is a living/dead shield.in closing all i can say is that for the most part is the people of this nations moral fiber has gone to shit.

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