Clutch changing for WR426

How hard is it to replace the clutch on an 02' WR426? I bought the bike brand new and I'm starting to here funny noises when releasing the clutch.

Is there any special tools required? I've done other maintenance so far and I'm wondering if this is something best left to a motorcycle mechanic.

Super easy just take out the old one put the new one back the same way you took out the old one put the new springs on and torque it down to the specs which is not very much 17 ft lbs I think. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

You can do it :thumbsup:

Get er done :thumbsup:

It's pretty easy. Lean the bike a bit so no oil will drip out when you take the cover off. A good trick to get the break lever out of the way is to push the rear break piston all the way in then push down on the break lever, it should go all the way down now, then use a tie strap or something to hold the lever out of the way. Remember to pump the lever a few times when your done to get your break working again. Another good idea I found was to put new springs for a YZ not a WR for an 02 bike. The stock WR springs don't allow the clutch to fully disengage (when the clutch plates are new). This is why the 02 WR426 was hard to start in gear! The YZ springs are 3/16" longer and will allow for the clutch to be fully disengaged plus they are a little stiffer so the bike hooks up better.

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