hi i am very new


My name is Ryan and I live in SoCal. I do not own a dirt bike BUT I am looking into one. just a little about my self im 6'5 250lbs and I was thinking of a 426 or a 450. I make enough to pay for my truck and girlfriend with a tad bit for myself :thumbsup: I would like to buy a used bike between 2k-3k in clean condition, If you can let me know what bike would be best and why. I plan on going to Glamis and oco, annnnd I would like to ride aggressive

You've got the right idea. Let your first bike be a good used bike . Get used to it , crash a bunch and then figure out what you really want.

The biggest piece of advice has to do with your safety. If your mx experience is little you should start on a 250 four stroke which would have plenty of power to clear any jump. A 450 four stroke can be a death machine in a novice hands. The 250f will allow you to learn proper techniques to make you a capable rider. Then decide if you need the 450. I started on a yz400 f then went to 250f to practice proper riding techniques. Now I have an 06 yz 450f and am comfortable with the hp that it produces and still ride in a smooth but fast manner.

I would suggest the yz250f for its reliabilaty. MY 04 crf250 had many valve issues. Mechanical issues take the fun out of riding.

but do you think that I am too fat for a 250? for like the sand and all that im not round, im just a big guy. since I was instructed to come to this forum from Dezertrangers.com I trust in what everyone says. thank you.

Yeah i would agree with jgerdi....i started on a xr100 (laughs) and moved up to a Xr200 then to my yz450f and it was a pretty big step up but it really just takes time to get used to the bikes and there amounts of power. For a beginer with some or no time on a bike and wants to race i would say stick with the yz250f.....very dependabe and the crf's seem to have some vavle issues so thast your best bet. Try out ebay for a bike......very good place to start. I have a lot of experience with ebay so send me a line if you have some questions! Hope this helps.

I would say a 250 is too small for you.... I'd go with the 450. Ot's all about throttle control....

No way dude yur not too fat for it.....u can play with the suspension a bit to make it fit yur weight and ability......if u just swing yur leg over a 450 yur ganna hurt yurself.....and thast ganna make u not want to comtinue riding....so for the price and power stick with a yz250f.

right on,

I just feel that if I take it easy at first on a 450 I would be ok I have ride a bike before and did alright but it was only a few times. also I would like to have this bike for awhile so if I did get the 450 or 426 I could keep it for a few more years.

If you plan on riding at Glamis you will want at least a 400cc 4 stroke. Sand sucks up an amazing amount of power, and with your size a 250 would be under powered out there for you. Best of luck with what ever you choose.

Go for it...

At 6' 5", I think you're better off with the 450. You'll have the strength to muscle the beast.... I have an 03 450 and rode a friends 05 250 this past weekend and I was suprised of the power difference. The 250 was definitely easier to ride and a great bike, but I missed the power of the 450. Have Fun! :thumbsup:

I do not like broken bones or taking time off of work to heal, and I'm not 16. Lets say you buy a good 250f for 2500- 3000 and after riding it a few months, I recommend longer, and you decide that you are ready for a bigger bike. You will probably sell it for within a couple hundred dollars of what you paid for it and maybe you were able to save some more $$ to buy a nicer 450.

Remember when you are out there trying to keep up with people who have ridden for years , " some times you go faster by slowing down".

well what about this bike let me know!

Click for bike

for the drive? its like a day drive round trip

I am about same weight and height and ride a 450. I would most definitely get one if you plan to ride in the sand. 250's just dont cut it. Its all about throttle control. But and here is the but, I dont know if you are going to find a decent bike for 2-3k, maybe a 400 or 426 but not likely a newer 450.

what about the one in the pic does that look clean for the price? i bet i could talk it down too.

How about a used XR650, it would be great for the sand. Managable power, yet tons for when you need it. It wouldnt be a MX bike, but if your going to learn on it and play in the sand its something you might consider.

that 426 may be a good buy, if it was taken care of. make an offer on it.

I am roughly the same size and ride a 426. Great bike tons of power but easy to control.

go with the bigger bike. it's better to buy too much than too little considering your size. you can always grow into a big bore as you learn. but that's just me, the more horses the better :thumbsup:

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