Head Bolt Torque??

I am rebuild my buddy's bike but the section of the book that has this info is MIA. Any info Is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

model mine is a yz400f i believe its 29 foot lbs

Thank You. :thumbsup:

It would help to give an accurate answer if we knew what kind of bike your buddy has, to start with. Year and model?

04 YZ450F all stock.

The YZ450 uses an angle torque specification:

Apply Moly Disulfide grease to the bolt threads first.

Then, run the bolts up evenly to 22 ft/lb. and then remove them.

Reapply the Moly Disulfide grease to the bolt threads.

Tighten the bolts to 14ft/lbs.

Mark each bolt and rotate each one 180 degrees farther in two 90 degree steps.

Cool Thanks. :thumbsup:

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