Advise on Handlebars?

I recently laid the bike down in some really soft sand. To my surprise, the bars were really bent to the side. Here are my questions...

1.) Are the stock bars really that weak? I didn't lay it down that hard, but maybe I just caught it just right.

2.) Is it possible that it's not the bars that bent, but the tripple clamp twisted? I know the bars don't stear straight, but they don't really look bent. Maybe just an optical illusion.

3.) I know... check the archives... I did. Just wanted to know if anyone has any more advice on how to pick bars that are right for you. I'm 6'0 180 and ride trails all the time.

Thanks All!



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yes, the stock bars are taffy. I use Renthals with alum bark busters and they hold up well. After a crash I would reset both the forks in the clamps and the front wheel axle, just in case.

Thumper, I too did the same thing just two months ago. So I purchased a set of TAG tapered bars for a benny and discovered that it was my top triple tree that twisted a bit. Now I have cool bars that I really didnt need, however, the stock bars wouldnt have lasted long anyways. The dealer told me to fix the misaligned triple trees all I had to do is have a large friend (as I am a small guy) hold the front wheel and turn the bars in the opposite direction of the deflection. I dont know if this is proper but it works for me.



by the way, pro tapers and TAG bars really kick ass.

I assume your triple clamp wasn"t actually bent, but that the forks twisted in the clamps as I don"t think anyone could bend back a bent triple clamp. Loosen the bottom clamp bolts completely, bounce the front wheel on the ground a few times, put the bike back on the stand, spin the front wheel and grab the front brake lever a few times and re-tighten. You should use a torque wrench when tighting clamp bolts. Your manual probably gives a technique something like this for when forks are removed and replaced.


I recently purchaced a set of Renthal Fat bars and a set of universal mounts. Best purchase I have ever made. As my name implies I sometimes spend time taking soil samples in the wierdest of places. I bent more bars than a roll cage manufacturer....But not anymore....These Renthals flex under pressure and return to their shape and position when the pressure is removed. I do quite a bit of jumping and I love the flex on a hard landing...much better on the wrists and forearms.

Bonzai :)


I actually found out that the factory bars weren't bent after all. The tripple clamp had moved, so the bars were sideways a bit. I followed the books procedure for reinstallation and everything is straight again. I guess the assembly wasn't tight enough...

guys i found a kool deal. At

top clamp tag bars(you can get any bars you want) and gpr stablizer. all less than $600.00. i think it is a great deal. but i would like to know is it really a good deal.

i found this deal on a whim. so i bought it installed it, waiting to ride with it on saturday.



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