06 and 05 parts Interchangeable

Pardon my ignorance, but can anyone tell me if the triple clamps from an 06 YZ 450 (stock) will fit on a 2005 YZ250 two stroke? The reason I am asking is I need a 1 1/8" setup for my 2005 YZ250 and someone is offering to sell me an 06 YZ450 set. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Anthony

It will not fit. The 06 forks are 2 mm wider apart than 05.

Well that's too bad.

Thanks for your help Sureblue.

Back to the drawing board... anyone know of an adjustable top clamp for an 05 YZ 250 2 stroke for sale? I would even be interested in a non adjustable that goes forward and upward.

Thanks - Anthony

buy a tag top triple, i like mine for my CR. of course u need the mounts too.

Tag offers a T2 Privateer Kit (scroll down) including bars that's not the trickest looking clamp of all time, but it's a lot for the money.

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