Compatibility Questions

I am picking up 2 '06 WR450s tomorrow and I need some help with picking out the aftermarket parts. I have a hookup where I can get Yamaha parts at cost. Will the Muffler Insert (GYT-5TJ93-75-00) fit on the 06 muffler? The website says its through an 05. I was also going to get the Carbon Fiber Muffler from GYTR for the other bike. Will it fit an '06 and is it any good? Also, I wanted to get the frame guards, but the site says they only go up to the '02 model of the WR. Are they gunna be the same, or close enough to work? I wanna get as much as I can as long as I'm getting wholesale prices. Any feedback would be awesome! :thumbsup:

The Muffler Insert (GYT-5TJ93-75-00) will not fit a '06'. Unsure about the Carbon fiber muffler.

For a good insert try Pro Moto Billet's

For frame guards, Works Connection makes nice pieces that fit well.

Carbon Fiber works also makes nice looking frame guards.

From the dealer, get the Yamaha AIS removal kit, it comes with the YZ screw. You'll want both eventually.

Get a decent maint. stand.

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