Head Boogers on gasket?


Any of you seen these large gasket mouldings with excess material like this?

I was wondering aloud if these pieces came loose, would they plug up oil lines and cause a catastrophic failure? Whatever, I cut them off before I buttoned it all back together.

If it's rubber casting "flash", part of the gasket, it will probably never come off. If it did, it would sit harmlessly on the pick up screen in the sump. Excess sealer would be a little more worrisome, but it would still take a synchronized series of unfortunate events for it to cause trouble.

Ok, that's cool. There was quite a bit of this 'flash' hanging around the various areas.

BTW, all valves were well within specs.

Love my Yamaha.

BTW, all valves were well within specs.
Who would have guessed? :thumbsup:


If someone put extra sealer (rtv) on the valve cover gasket that means it was probably leaking oil. To solve this problem, you have to change the oil seals that go around the cap screws on top of the valve covers. These seals provide pressure for the gasket to seat against the flange, and when they flatten, no pressure. I kept having a problem of a leaking gasket until I changed those seals.

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