what is the best sprocket that will not get so chewed up at glamis, and only last one weekend there? where do i get it?

try the sidewinder ti-moly set. i have had awsome luck with mine

I'd say try the tri-metal. Check the online store here. TT may have it. If not check in the back of any Transworld Motocross. There's always an add for it. However, the chain and sprockets work together and wear together. So even if you get amazing, bombprooof sprockets you can still get screwed by a cheap chain. The chain stretches and eats your sprockets. So if your system is chewed anyways I would get a whole new system. IMO.

It has been said before but you can not beat Ironman sprockets!!!

i'd 2nd that. give a read on their site then compare it to the other sprockets mentioned.

I have been very pleased with the ironman sprockets. They are little high, but the price may be worth the wear factor. They look cool and are also very light for a steel sprocket.

i'd 2nd that. give a read on their site then compare it to the other sprockets mentioned.

4th that... :thumbsup:

5th that

Is no one a fan of renthal line of sprockets.. Some problem I dont know about them?

I am kinda drawn to them for the simple fact you can get colored ones.. Now this is a nice bonus, but I dont want to be replaceing sprockets left and right.

If your not concerned with weight i'de go with a SunStar Carbon steel sprocket. There a little havier but they are super strong.

The Renthals only make an aluminum rear, so they do wear a littl quicker.

Renthals are good. They just go away quickly on a high powered 4 stroke 450

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