Top end rebuild?

Thinking of re-building top end. I don't have any broken valves so Maybe have them reseated and ground?

Also piton and rings. If cylinder is still in spec, do you need it honed? when do you need to get over sized piston and rings? And how?

Rebuilding top end, go by the manual for service intervals but here are some rules of thumb regarding the valves and honing:

Valves do not need to be replaced providing they are still within spec and holding specifications. When you remove the head, spray brake clean into the valve ports and look for leaks. If the valves are seating properly, you are good to go. If not, time for seats and valves.

Honing: the cylinder does not need to be honed if the original crosshatch is still in place on the cylinder.

One more thing, make sure you replace your cam chain when you do the top end. It's cheap insurance against a major problem.

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