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2000 WR400 for Sale

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I don't want to sell it because it's the perfect bike for me, but I've run into a financial problem. I've done all the free mods and it hauls! I've also added a Panoram computer which is great, and a magnetic drainplug, and some renthal bars, but it's stock other than that. The bike is registered as street legal in the state of colorado. Blue Book on this bike is $5180, and I'm willing to sell it for $4000 to get rid of it quick. If you're interested, please email me at MNevitt@OffroadToyStore.com


2000 WR400F - Throttle stop shortened, Grey Wire Cut, Filter Cover Removed, Panoram Computer. MNevitt@OffroadToyStore.com . Feel Free to chat: Yahoo IM nevitt33, AOL IM Nevitt 33

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