Key Ignition Help?

Jus curious were can i get a key ignition for a 650r as i am a bit paranoid as my last bike was stollen , also is there any alarms which run on normal batteries as u know the 650 dnt have a built in battery , thanks :thumbsup:

I put this on mine and I'm pleased with it. Quality is good. I had to trim the bracket a little so it wouldn't rub on my IMS tank, but it was no big deal. The switch itself is an Honda OEM atv switch.

It's not very visible (as far as theft deterence) and would be easy to defeat if you know how it hooks up, but it does keep someone from just hoping on and riding away while your in the convience store. The only other (minor) downside is that it must be removed/lossened to get to the tank bolt on that side.

I think that seller also has a key/speed combo that puts the key in a more visible area if that matters to you.

I got one left over from a xr650L Ill sell ya cheap +shipping.

PM me if interested

Thanks for the help it was just that i didnt want any old person to start my bike when im not there even if they dont take it , it wont do it any gud leaving it idleing for ages u know , kids in the uk are vandales so every lil helps

baja designs has a new keyed setup for 29.99.they said it would be out in looks like a stock honda ign.

One of my riding buddies has one of these alarm/disc locks for his KTM. I looked around and no shops around here stock them, so I may just order one.

thanks for the input just wondering if also any one has used the trial tech computer / enduro speedometer thingy before as it looks sweet over the standard speedo , i think i will have to go for a couple of REALLY heavy duty locks to make sure it dosent go anywere and also i think i might go with that first key ignition thanks

I'm currently using the trailtech endurance unit and yes it does look sweet. My only concern with it is how slow the response is to changes in speed, but I beleive that adding another magnet to the brake rotor and adjusting the wheel size setting works better. I'll try it when I get a bit more time to play around with the settings.... :thumbsup:

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