Graphics kits

I am posting here, because all I get are smart a$$ kids in the general forum.

I am looking at designing graphics kits for bikes/quads - I have access to the equipment and a little extra time on my hands. Obviously I can see whats already out there and draw some new designs, but that doesn't answer my question:

I would like to know what you guys like and why-

Do you like the 'retro' look of the new YZ or the David Baily Honda?

Do you like the 'sponsor' decals that are default on your existing kits? (i.e. - Bel-Ray, Splitfire, Pro-Circuit logo printed on the kit)

What are the problems you find with existing kits on the market now? (My biggest pet peve is not being able to get a kit for a bike older than 5yrs)

Do you prefer the clean and simple kits, or do you prefer the 'bling' of the SKIN industries kits?

Show me some pictures, links, threads of the kits that you find to be the best looking. I have plenty of fresh ideas already, but would really like everyones insight into this one.

I like original, off the wall type stuff without a bunch of sponsorship logos, unless it's the Yamaha tuning fork. I think the sponsor logos limit the market, because I won't put a logo on my bike for something I don't have. IMO, logos appeal to poseurs who like being a billboard for someone. Xtreme Graphics has some interesting and unorthodox designs.

Another thing that comes to mind is offering graphics that don't have to be part of a complete set, i.e. tank and shroud only without having to buy a seat cover or fender/swingarm graphics as well. I have a hard time paying over $100 for stickers that come with things I don't really want. Hope this helps :thumbsup: ...SC

This is exactally the type of feedback I am looking for. I would also like to get some examples of what everyone else likes. :thumbsup: Keep 'em comming

I like graphics with alot of chrome in them. Something shiney looks good under the lights at night races. I like the way the stockers look, but if they had a chrome outline with blue chrome accents it would look cool. Just a thought.

I have liked the GraphicsMX stuff and XGX has some stuff that appeals to me, athough I am not really into the 'flying skulls' and the like. I like bright colors and quality materials. Flames have always seemed cool to me personally. I dont really like all the 'factory' stuff, but I am not a racer either. By the way, I am a 34 year old male ( some people like to know the demographics). My brother who is two years older than me, likes plain jane, simple and to the point. So I guess our opionions wash each other out.

Flames have always seemed cool to me personally.

Black and blue might be on to about chromed flames? That would look cool.

I would be willing to pay a fair price for some custom graphics, if you can design what I want.

IMHO I hate all the kiddie, 'Fast and the Furious' toy looking graphics. They might be o.k if you are 12 years old but otherwise

Something classy, for example not a dirt bike but look at a R1-they are just pure sex, I know the lines have a lot to do with it, but also the whole colour scheme/graphics work. Couldnt imagine something like an R1 looking that good with skulls and flames and shite? Why do it on a dirt bike?

Make sure that the tank graphics you make have holes so that the fumes can escape.(You probably knew that)

I like clean distinct lines that flow none of that splatter stuff.


someone makes an Elsinore kit for Hondas silver with pinstripes and round number plates. SCWEEEEET, but not made for yamaha.

Also like"custom" stuff. I'm actually looking for a stylized Texas flag shroud / tank kit, BUT I'm tunning a big tank.

Also wondering if anyone makes an actual WR kit with a front number plate that works with the headlight??? Anyone?

I like clean looking graphics with two or three colors that would match the air box graphics. I'm not a big fan of skulls or Skin Industries type graphics, I guess I'm too old.

I wish you the best of luck with your graphics business 660, but Dirt Digits in Simi Valley Ca. is really doing some good things with graphics now, not just numbers anymore. They will customize and do any combination of kits you want, including stuff for the front number plate with the headlight. I race AMA Dist37 GP's and they made me my number kits for all three sides and all colors match the original D37 colors. Today I picked up a tank/shroud only kit that has my local yamaha shop's initials on it along with "Yamaha" and the tuning forks. When I get them mounted, I'll try to get a photo posted.

I'm with David37 on this one

Clean looking, not too many colors. Too much looks like someone lost their lunch on you bike.

I do like the retro look of the new YZ and would like to have my 06 WR look like that.

I also like graphics that 'flow' across the lines on the bike.

Great input guys :thumbsup: This was exactally the input I was looking for.

Unfortunately with the limited man power I have on this project, I don't think I will be able to do 'custom' stuff like personalized names etc. right off the bat, but hopefully one day.

I know it will be tough to compete with some of the big dogs like Dirt Digits, but I am hoping to have a better offering as far as graphics, and beat them with a better price. This project is still in its infancy and is going to be a slow process, but I'm glad to see so many people feel the way I do.

I think the XGX type 'wild' graphics are great for the younger crowd, but I agree that the cleaner retro and R1 type graphics are better (or at least more my taste). That is why I will be putting up some posts and getting feedback like this, gotta give the people what THEY want.

:thumbsup: Thanks guys!..............if you have any pics/clipart/examples you would like to away.

i think a lot of us would be happy to find reasonably priced oem style. i for one have an '03 wr and there are few choices. i would have liked to have kept the bike's original lines but it wasn't an option. i am sooooo tired of flames. will you have access to the sticker stock with the adhesive for the tanks? i believe it's more than just holes.

i think a lot of us would be happy to find reasonably priced oem style. Will you have access to the sticker stock with the adhesive for the tanks? i believe it's more than just holes.

That is what I am currently getting the contacts for. Its amazing how much there is into a simple venture like making stickers :thumbsup:

I think you hit the nail on the head as well - I know that most people are like me and want to keep their toys looking nice but have to maintain a realistic budget as well. Hopefully with some hard work and time, the WR guys will finally have some quality affordable options. :thumbsup:


RETRO BABY let's see some Bob Hannah Yellow&Black.

BTW did anyone see CRs thor gear at Daytona? "Hurricane Style"

Make sure you can order them on-line and that placing an order overseas isnt a problem. Tyring to find a good selection to choose from for my 04 WR has proved tricky here in the UK


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