Dies out climbing a hill

I have a 2001 xr650r running a 68s piolet jet and a 155 main jet. Bike runs good though sometimes when I am climbing a hill it just falls on its face. It acts like it runs out of gas. When I get the pig turned around and headed back down the hill it starts up and runs good until I get it turned around and try it again. I took off the tank and made sure it was clean. Opened up the fuel line and gas flowed good through the line. I pulled the carb and made sure everything was clean and that the float and needle were working right and could find no problems. I am baffled. Please help.

hmm so its rejetted, i assume smog shit is off, seems odd most pigs are torque monsters and eat hills for lunch.

I do a lot off hill climbing with 4x4 in Arizona. If your float is set to low when you hill climb you will run out of gas. You say it acks like it is running out of gas, it probably is

Sounds like the float is adjusted incorrectly. XR600's are known to run out of fuel during a long wheelie if the float is low and I am sure the XR650's could be prone to the same type of thing on a hill if the float is wrong.

Are you uncorked? If you are a 155 main sounds mighty lean unless your at 10,000+ feet or something.

Maybe it's afraid of heights.

Are you uncorked? If you are a 155 main sounds mighty lean unless your at 10,000+ feet or something.

Yeah, what he said :thumbsup:

I ride between 4500-5500' and I use a 165

Maybe it's afraid of heights.

haha, good one :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

I believe it’s a float problem, but the true fix is an Edelbrock carburetor, they are even suppose to work upside down. Do a search on Edelbrock and you’ll see a bunch of reasons to justify a $400 carburator...

Oh, yeah... The 155 main jet sounds way off. I’m running a 178...

Your float level may be too HIGH, making it load up and run too rich, mine was, stoick is 16mm, I went to 17mm, then 18mm.


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