Fork Spring Noise

I threw a set of stiffer front springs on a bike and they now make a rubbing noise. Ive never installed springs on conventional forks this normal and it will eventually go away? The springs are significatnly stiffer so I was wondering if maybe there was less room inside the tube.

I put the small piece off the stock ones on the botton and re used the piece at the top as well

Any ideas?

I had the same problem happen to me too; after reading a few other posts on the forum, the impression I got was that it was due to the springs not being 'oiled up' from riding and should go away with time (and it did). Also, I was concerned that tightening the TC's to spec was pinching the tubes (especially with antisieze on the bolts), so I only torqued them to 80% of the perscribed torque which seemed to help.

I had the same issue, try the Bel-Ray 10W fork oil, took all of the noise away and made the front end feel way better than any 5w oil i've ran. :thumbsup:

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