Holy Crap! Lost a M3 screw in the crankcase

I was installing my new Rekluse clutch (bought from the Thumpertalk store btw) in the 'ol 426 and was crusing right along very smoothly, when it happened. One of those tiny M3 screws slipped and slid very promptly into the nether regions of the crankcase. I magnatized a thin allen wrench to try fishing for it, but to no avail. :thumbsup:

Would it be worth draining the oil to see if it slides out??

Would pulling the clutch basket be the next step for a better look?

I can get a more powerfull magnet from work tomorrow, but it is kind of fat for the job.

Any help would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Yeah, sounds like it's time to remove the clutch basket for a better inspection. I wouldn't not put the motor back together until that screw is found!

Drain the oil first since the engine and tranny oil is shared it might come out. If that doesn't work pull the clutch basket to see if you can see the bolt.

I would get a magnetic telescope magnet from kragen or someplace, and see if you can get it out. Maybe bend the magnet slightly to get down to the places where its tight then try to pull it out if you can get to it.

Whatever you do don't move the bike and try to shake the bastard out, you might get it stuck some place you cant get to!!!

Oh yea, say hi to Murphy for me, he must be at your house tonight!

go to your local auto parts store and look for a telescoping magnet. I have one that has a very small, but extremely strong magnet that is great for things like that. It may keep you from tearing it apart. The blot must be found.

You should remove the right side engine cover to locate the little POS if you have to. Something like that could find its way in between two of the 8 or 9 gears in that case and cause trouble you don't even want to think about.

If the little *urd rolls down into the main crankcase, pull the ignition cover. You can see right into the well where the pick up screen is, and you'll probably find it there.

Sometimes on the sleds we have to tip them on the side even seen people tip them upside down and most times the screw or whatever comes out. Not sure if that would work were it's in the motor. Did you locktight them??? I hope mine stay in.

First I would like to thank the thumpertalk community for the help and great suggestions. I don't think that there is a better bunch of folks on the web. After a diligent search with a bad a$$ magnet, still no screw. So, I started off with the skid plates getting ready to pull the side covers on the motor. Low and behold a little screw showed up on the floor beneath the bike! It must have wedged between the frame and the skid plate. I ran the magnet all around that area but the screw must have been pretty jammed. BTW the clutch seems to work with just a short test at this late hour. More tinkering tomorrow. :thumbsup:

The rear brake pedal now rubs on the clutch cover bolt. Any suggestions? Shim it or try to bend it?

Again thanks for the help and quick replies. :thumbsup:

Grats, that could have been nasty, really nasty.

Has anyone had one fall out of the clutch??? Sucks to have a 3 cent screw fall out and cost you over $800.

Nada problem, try to shim it out, it'll work smoother.

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