Can automobile carb/injector cleaner be used in bikes?

can the fuel additives that clean car engines be used in 4 stroke bikes? Of coarse with the corrct amounts. I figure it might be a good way to reduce carbon in the combustion chamber....just a thaught :thumbsup:

It isn't necessary. Our bikes turn high rpms and use premium gas so there isn't much chance for buildup. Carbon does buildup in the exhaust pipe. So if you wanted to make a few tenths of a horsepower more then you could clean it out.

Yes, you can. The fact is, you already are. The commercial injector cleaners, etc., are the same compounds already added to the fuel by the retailers (techroline, etc.). When you add more, you just up the concentration. Use according to the label.

There is nothing like a carb teardown and a good old fashioned scrub to get a look at the guts and see whats going on. These bikes run through very little fuel compared to what a car goes through in a year. Your biggest enemy is dirt and not the varnish type deposits that would foul injectors.

Thanks for the info. It was just something I thaught about when I was laying in bed one night. This forum is very helpful

thanks again, Dan

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