Sparkplug wire mod must do

Has anyone ever taken out their resister in their spark plug wire

I took mine out and replaced it with a piece of fat copper wire and

Put it all back together and wow it made so much difference the throttle

response it gave me was unbelievable. :thumbsup:

Just dont ride with your radio head set on your dirt bike! :thumbsup:

Boy, did I ever miss the joke here. :thumbsup:

Not sure why that would have made a difference.

If I can find a non resistor plug I'll give it a try.

Boy, did I ever miss the joke here. :thumbsup:

Without resistors in your engine ignition circuit you can experience static on a radio as well as interfere with other sensitive electronic equipment like the CDI. Resistors in plugs, cables, and coil wiring all help eliminate "noise" :thumbsup:

OHHH, I get it now!! There was no joke, don't I feel sheepish. :thumbsup:

ya,i've been told its kinda like russian roulette with your CDI. but, shouldn't the resistor plug be enough? :thumbsup:

My understanding is that you need both resistors to sufficiently supress the noise. Where is Toyota MDT when you need him? :thumbsup:

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