xr650L replacement clutch basket?? who makes one

I have an xr 650L motor in a quad frame, lots of hours and the clutch is getting really hard to pull. I've replaced the cable,so that's out. I'm guessing the basket has begun to groove. Does anybody know of an aftermarket basket for the old girl?? I've searched, but was unable to find anything. Thanks


Nuff said :thumbsup:

I've never seen oneon there for the L . EVER .And I been watching for over 6 mo. Nuff said. Any body ??? : :thumbsup:

I searched a couple of sources I use, and they don't carry one for our 'L' either .... maybe Honda could be only source .. ? bummer :thumbsup:

I am running the XR600 basket in my pig. No problems yet.

Can you remember which part number if is an aftermarket basket?

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